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Organic Baby Clothes. Are They Better?

Why would you not buy organic baby clothes for your little ones? It’s a bit of a no brainer. Children’s organic cotton baby clothes are chemical and pesticide free and are especially beneficial for children with eczema. They are so wonderfully soft and comfortable and are good for your baby and good for the planet. You will love them and your child will definitely love them.

organic childrens clothes

At Tots, we stock a wonderful range of organic baby boy clothes and baby girl clothes as well a wide choice of organic unisex babywear, newborn baby clothes and acessories.

During my son’s first few years I spent a fortune on baby vests and babygrows. When I started buying organic cotton baby clothing I found that the organic clothes were much more durable and long lasting than standard cotton children’s clothes. The added benefit is that organic clothes for babies are always made from totally natural materials and contain no man made materials.

organic cotton boys pants
organic boys clothes
organic cotton baby boy playsuit

Chemicals and Children’s Clothing

Organic cotton is very child friendly and has the extra benefit of also being kind to the planet. Organic means that no chemical nasties are used at any stage of the growing or manufacturing process and any dyes used are totally natural, child friendly and eco friendly.

baby boy t shirts
T Shirt Tops
boys shirt
Boy’s Check Shirt
boys tops

Organic Kid’s Clothing

Although organic children’s clothes may seen more expensive at the outset, you will actually save money over the longer term. Naturally grown fibres are much stronger and longer lasting than those grown with the use of pesticides. Every time you wash clothes, the fibres start to wear and break and this will eventually cause tears and holes. The more chemicals applied to clothing fibres during the manufacturing process, the weaker these fibres will be in the finished product. Organically grown and manufactured clothes are much more resilient than those grown with the use of chemicals and they can withstand many many more washes and wearing and still look great.

baby clothes cork
organic baby girl clothes
baby bodysuit vest

Natural Clothing for your Baby

Your baby was created naturally so why add chemicals as they grow. Non organic cotton is sprayed with a large variety of chemical and pesticides during growing and are then subjected to more during manufacture e.g. chlorine bleach, formaldehyde, solvents, perfluorochemicals and bromide flame retardants. On average, a newborns skin is 30% thinner than an adults and can absorb chemicals much more readily. All these chemicals can be harmful to the planet and the ecosystem (not to mention your child) and are totally unnecessary.

organic baby sleep bags
Multi Tog Sleep Bag
Organic Hooded Wrap
pink organic knitted baby blanket
Organic Knitted Blanket

GOTS Organic Clothing

Our organic clothing for children are Global Standard GOTS Organic Certified. Read more about what the GOTS Standard means.

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