Organic Baby Clothes – Are They Better For Your Baby?

organic cotton newborn baby clothes

Organic Baby Clothes – Are They Better For Your Baby?

Tots Baby Shop are a popular online organic baby clothes boutique in Ireland specialising in organic newborn baby clothes and ethically made kids clothes. As an organic baby shop, we know about organic baby clothes and the benefits they can have for your baby. In this post we will explore the differences between non organic and organic cotton baby clothes and how to choose the best organic baby clothing for your little one.

What Are Organic Baby Clothes?

Organic cotton baby clothing is made from sustainably grown non GMO cotton that is not treated with chemical pesticides, herbicides or fertilisers. As such, organically grown cotton benefits the environment, those involved in the planting and harvesting of the organic cotton, the clothing manufacturers and the wearers of the end product.

Organic Cotton Clothing for Babies with Eczema

Eczema (often called dermatitis) is a dry skin condition that is non contagious and causes skin to be itchy, scaly and red. In severe cases the skin can weep and become crusty. If your baby develops eczema they will constantly try to scratch at their skin, making their condition worse. Read HSE advice on eczema in Babies & Children.

Although the exact cause of eczema is unknown, experts explain that it may be triggered by environmental factors, including clothing, often referred to as textile dermatitis. This type of eczema is usually brought on by an allergy to nylon, polyester or by the chemicals used in clothing manufacture. The National Eczema Society recommends that cotton clothing is the most eczema friendly clothing for babies.

At Tots, we stock a wonderful range of the best organic cotton baby clothes for newborn babies as well as organic sleepsuits, bodysuits, t shirts, leggings, tops and bibs for infant boys and girls, age 0-2 years. Our most popular organic childrens clothing items come from our Sense Organics Baby Clothing and Kite Organic Clothing for children ranges.

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Organic Kimono Bodysuit in Dusky Rose

Other Reasons to Choose Organic Baby Clothes

As well as being kind to the planet, sustainable organic baby clothing lasts much much longer than standard cotton childrens clothing. Naturally grown fibres are much stronger and longer lasting than those grown with the use of pesticides and chemicals. Every time you wash your baby’s clothing, the fibres start to wear and break and this eventually causes tears in the fabric. The more chemicals applied to clothing fibres during the growing and manufacturing processes, the weaker these fibres will be in the finished product. Organically grown and manufactured cotton clothes are much more resilient than those grown with the use of chemicals and can withstand much more wear, tear and washing and still look great. AND organic cotton is so soft on your baby’s skin 🙂 they will love wearing it.

I remember, as a child, getting hand me down clothes from my 3 older cousins and the clothes were still in great shape. Nowadays, kids clothes seem to wear out within months and this is due to the chemicals used in the mass production of clothing.

What is GOTS Certified Clothing?

GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) is a globally renowned certification used in the production of organic textiles. But GOTS isn’t just about organic, it evaluates the processing and manufacturing of the cloth plus the social and environmental aspects of the process i.e. GOTS assesses everything from growth and manufacture to the fair and ethical treatment of workers.

Your baby was created naturally so why add chemicals as they grow. Non organic cotton is sprayed with a large variety of chemical and pesticides during growing and are then subjected to more during manufacture e.g. chlorine bleach, formaldehyde, solvents, perfluorochemicals and bromide flame retardants. On average, a newborns baby’s skin is 30% thinner than an adult’s skin and therefore absorbs chemicals much more readily. All these chemicals can be harmful to the planet and the ecosystem (not to mention your child) and are totally unnecessary.

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Baby Boy Organic Sleepsuit | Rescue Squad

Organic Baby Sleepwear You Will Love

Organic Baby Sleepy Gown by Frugi is designed to make night time nappy changing as fuss free as possible.

Organic Baby Sleepsuit by Kite Organics in an adorable unisex design baby sleebsuit and comes with integrated scratch mitts in sizes up to 6 months.

Grey Label Organic Newborn Suit by Lille Barn in cream is made of the softest 95% organic cotton Italian fleece and 5% elastane.

Why Are Organic Baby Clothes More Expensive?

On average, organic cotton kids clothes are 20% more expensive than standard cotton kids clothing. This extra cost is due to the extra labour needed to grow and harvest organic cotton (weeds are removed by hand instead of by spraying herbicides), the cotton is usually picked by hand rather than by machines and the finished product is coloured using environmental and child friendly natural dyes as opposed to chemical dyes.

Although organic may seem more expensive at the outset, you will actually save money in the long run. Since the organic fibres have not been treated with chemicals they do not break down as quickly as synthetic or cotton fibres that underwent chemical processes. This is why organic clothes last longer and do not start deteriorating after just a few washes. Consequently you do not have to buy as many outfits for your little one as you would normally do with conventional children’s clothing. So, you will save more money in the end that you can later use on something else like pretty hair accessories, a new baby blanket or organic bandana bibs.

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Any Organic Baby Clothes Queries?

Buying eco friendly baby clothes, doesn’t have to be complicated and we will always go above and beyond to help our customers. So if you are confused about what type of clothing is best for your baby please leave a comment below or contact us and we’ll be happy to give you whatever help we can.