Baby Blankets

Baby Blankets SALE NOW ON. As one of the leading supplier of baby blankets in Ireland, Tots Baby Shop stock a wide range of cellular baby blankets including knitted baby blankets and newborn baby blankets.

Cellular Baby Blankets

Cellular blankets are recommended for babies, especially newborns, because they are made from 100% cotton and have an open cell structure that traps air, keeping your baby warm without overheating. Cellular blankets are also fully breathable due to their permeability, making them the ideal baby blanket for all ages.

Knitted Baby Blankets

Knitted baby blankets are among the most popular types of blankets in Ireland. Wrap your little one up in one of our warm and cosy super soft knitted baby blankets for baby boys and girls. Browse our adorable organic knitted baby blankets crafted with 100% cotton to be so soft, breathable, lightweight and cuddly.

Newborn Baby Blankets

We love blankets at Tots and we especially love newborn baby blankets. So soft and so cuddly, blankets for newborn babies makes the perfect baby shower or newborn gift. Lightweight or cotton knitted blankets are perfect swaddle blankets due to their breathability and fine texture.

Swaddling is the traditional practice of gently wrapping your baby up in a breathable lightweight blanket to help them feel secure and encourage good sleep. Learn to swaddle your baby in 4 easy steps.

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