organic baby toys

Benefits of Natural Organic Baby Toys

Imagination is a vital part of baby development and natural organic baby toys and comforters are the perfect way to encourage this. Our Wooly Organic baby and teething are so soft to the touch, are perfectly shaped for little hands and encourage your little one to explore and interact with them and most are suitable from newborn baby onwards.

organic baby toys
Organic Cotton Bunny 30cm
organic baby rattle
Organic Baby Rattle
organic toy teddy bear
Organic Cotton Teddy 30cm

Are Organic Baby Toys Worth It?

So why organic baby toys? We believe that a few interesting and stimulating long lasting toys are more beneficial than an overwhelming pile of plastic bits and pieces.

Organic soft toys are warm and comforting to the touch touch and have the added benefit of being completely chemical and poesticide free, because food isn’t the only thing that your baby puts into their mouth.

Although babies don’t actually eat their toys, every parent knows that EVERYTHING goes into baby’s mouth. Tasting objects is one of the ways in which babies explore their world, they discover what is edible and what isn’t. And some baby toys e.g. teething rings and baby comforters, are designed to be chewed on by babies so chemical free organic is much better for your baby.

organic teething toy
Teething Ring & Rattle
organic teething ring toy
Crinkle Ears Teething Ring
organic baby comforter
Comforter & Soother Holder

Unfortunately, many modern toys are manufactured with plastic, which can often contain materials and chemicals that really don’t belong in your little one’s mouth. Many baby toys on the market today are mass produced in countries outside the EU where safety regulations may not be up to EU or Irish standards.

EU manufactured organic baby toys are made from natural organic materials such as wood, wool and cotton are are completely free of chemicals and other hazardous materials. So your little one can chomp to their heart’s content in safety.

organic toys for babies
Organic Teddy Bear 17cm
organic teddy bear soother holder
Teddy Soother Holder
organic baby sleep toys
Organic Bunny 17cm

Organic Teething Toys & Rings

Teething is very painful for babies and can start at only 3 months old. Once your baby starts teething they will try to get their hands and month on everything within reach.

If you are looking for safe, chemical free and organic teething toys for your little one then we can help. We stock Wooly Organic teething toys and wooden teething rings. Wooly Organic teething aids are BPA free, chemical free, dye free and certified organic.

Top tips for soothing sore baby gums

organic baby toy rabbit
Bunny Soother Holder
organic baby toy comforter
Sheep Comforter & Soother Holder
organic baby toy comforter
Soother Holder Comforter

Wooly Organic Baby Toys

We stock Wooly Organic baby toys, handmade in a family run studio in Latvia, and are crafted with 100% organic natural materials. Wooly Organic toys are completely free from harmful toxins, dyes and chemicals. Their baby toys are handmade using organic cotton, wool and wood and are filled with naturally hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial organic corn fibre.

All our Wooly Organic baby accessories are GOTS certified (Global Organic Textile Standard), CE safety marked, tested to standard EN71, made with 100% baby friendly sustainable materials, filled with Okeo-Tex 100% organic certified corn fibre, are machine washable and are suitable from birth.

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