How To Choose The Best Baby Changing Bag For You

the best baby changing bag

How To Choose The Best Baby Changing Bag For You

Do you need a baby changing bag? What should you look for in a changing bag? What is the best baby bag?

So many questions around baby changing bags! It’s all so confusing, especially if you are looking at baby changing bags for the first time. Hopefully this article will answer a few of your baby bag questions.

As one of the leading online retailers of baby changing bags in Ireland, we at Tots Baby Shop have a handle on what to look for in a good changing bag. We stock a range of BebeSak Baby Changing Bags to suit all budgets and our bags come in a great range of colours and styles and full of functions parents will love.

What Is A Baby Changing Bag?

Before we can advise on the best baby baby changing bag for your needs, we need to discuss exactly what a changing bag is. Changing bags are also known as baby bags, nappy changing bags, maternity mags and diaper bags. But they all have the same function – a specially designed bag to keep all your baby changing essentials and accessories together in one convenient place when you are out and about with your baby and where you can easily find any item you need without fuss or stress.

What Makes a Good Changing Bag?

Before you start looking at changing bag styles, there are a few essential features you need to look out for. A good baby changing bag should be;

  1. Spacious without being too big
  2. Have a wipe clean interior
  3. Have a wipe clean and water resistant / waterproof exterior
  4. Have a few pockets for holding bottles upright (insulated bottle pockets are even better)
  5. Have enough pockets to keep everything organised
  6. Easy to open and close
  7. Have several carrying options.
best baby changing bags

What Type Of Changing Bag Is Best?

There are so many different types of baby changing bags out there and it can get very confusing when trying to decide which nappy bag style is best for you. Babies need a LOT of stuff so your first priority is to make sure you get one that can carry everything you need. A good tip is to gather everything you think you will need when you are out and about, arrange it on a table and then you will have a pretty good visual of what size bag you will need.

Your second consideration when choosing a changing bag style is whether to choose a backpack changing bag, a tote (shoulder) changing bag or a messenger style bag. My personal preference is for a backpack baby bag with a carry handle and detachable shoulder strap. This style gives you the versatility of all 3 carry options.

Backpack Baby Changing Bags

Carrying all that baby gear around is exhausting and every baby outing can feel like a full gym workout – no joking! Backpack changing bags allow for even weight distribution across both shoulders thus making the load feel lighter and this can be especially helpfully if you are suffering from postpartum back pain. Many women suffer from back pain and back problems after giving birth and the HSE have a great article on exercise after pregnancy and posture problems, which you may find helpful.

Many backpack baby bags are unisex in design so there’s no excuse for Dad not to do his share :) But the BEST benefit of a rucksack style changing bag is that it’s Hands Free. You have both hands available for pushing the buggy, lifting your baby or anything else. You won’t have to do a juggling act of holding your baby while using your other hand to keep your bag on your shoulder.

By design, changing backpacks are generally more spacious than other styles of bag. This makes backpacks the perfect baby changing bags for twins, triplets or more.

backpack changing bags

Shoulder Changing Bags

AKA tote changing bags, shoulder changing bags are the closest in looks to a handbag and without looking inside, you would never know the difference. Totes are very simple to use, just hang it over your arm or shoulder and you are ready to go. It is also very convenient when you need something from your bag – you just reach over and grab it. Tote changing bags usually have one large opening at the top and plenty of pockets and compartments just inside so you can see everything at a glance.

shoulder baby changing bags tote

Messenger / Crossbody Changing Bag

Crossbody / messenger changing bags are changing bags with one long strap that goes over your shoulder and the bag lies across the front of your body, they are a similar style to postman bags or school satchels. Although not so popular as other nappy bag styles, many parents like this type of bag as it gives the convenience a tote bag with the hands free option of a changing backpack.

Great Baby Changing Bags for 2021

Egg 2 Backpack Feather by Tony Kealys is made from soft & durable fabric with several carry options and a very stylish look.

Babymel Cara Ultralight by Natural Baby Shower is a sporty look tote bag in water resistant navy scuba designed to be feather light yet durable.

Lia Grey Backpack Changing Bag by BebeSak Ireland comes in premium vegan leather, is super functional, waterproof exterior, wipe clean interior, comes with baby changing mat and detachable buggy straps.

what goes in a baby changing bag

What Goes In A Baby Changing Bag

Becoming a new mum and learning what you need for a day out with your baby can take a lot of planning, especially at first. And if you are anything like me, you will be sure to forget something essential, so I’ve made a list of the baby essentials to pack in your changing bag, hope it helps!

  • At least 5 nappies
  • Wet wipes and tissues
  • Nappy cream
  • A change of clothes (just in case)
  • A few muslin squares (they are always handy)
  • A plastic baggie (again, just in case)
  • Bottle of milk
  • A few bibs
  • Toys (depending on your baby’s age)
  • Snacks (for you or for baby)

If you remember to pack these items every time, you can’t go wrong. I used to restock my changing bag every night when my son was in bed so I was ready to ‘grab ‘n go” the next day.

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Any Baby Changing Bag Questions?

Choosing the best baby changing bag can get a bit mind boggling and sometimes it seems that the more you research the more confused you get. We hope that this article has helped make things a little clearer for you and if you have any queries about baby changing bags please leave a comment below or contact us and we’ll be more than happy to give you whatever help we can.