Hats for Newborn Babies

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Hats for Newborn Babies

We love those cute little hats for newborn babies. But newborn baby hats are not just for cuteness, they actually help keep your little one’s head warm during those important first few months of life.

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Babies bodies are very small but their heads are large in comparison and that’s a lot of surface area to lose body heat. Baby hats help retain some of that essential heat.

Hats for newborn babies seems to be the new must have baby wear and this is especially important for low weight or premature babies. Putting hats on lower weight babies is standard practice in most hospitals.

At Tots, we love those sweet little cotton baby hats, newborn babies are so adorable and newborn baby photos are even more special. In most newborn photos you will see a beautiful little baby swaddled in a muslin blanket and a cute little stretchy cotton baby hat covering their head.

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Why do newborn babies wear hats?

Newborns can quickly lose heat in so many ways but they lose the most heat through their heads. The risk of cold and chills is an issue with newborns but especially so for premature or underwerght babies. Wearing a hat is one of the best ways to combat heat loss in newborns.

New baby hats, also known as hospital hats, are specifically made with very soft materials to ensure that they do not irritate your baby’s delicate skin. Our newborn hats are crafted with 100% super soft stretchy cotton to provide ultimate comfort for your little one.

Having a baby changes your life in many ways but it’s the start of a journey well worth taking. Parents put their best effort into making their little one look cute and adorable while choosing clothing that keeps baby comfortable and protected.

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Newborns have delicate skin so it becomes essential for parents to choose clothing and accessories that are soft enough yet keep them protected from harmful elements in the environment e.g. cold or wet weather.

Our newborn hospital hats are specifically crafted with fine soft materials that are suitable for baby’s sensitive skin thereby avoiding sensitivity rashes. Knitted with ultra soft 100% cotton 2 ply yarn, our newborn hats come in a range of colours for boys, girls and unisex.

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Cute stretchy baby hats

Our beautiful baby bow hats are our most popular baby hat style. They come in a choice of colours for boys and girls and we also sock a range of unisex designs. Crafted with 2 ply super stretchy cotton, these cute hats are extremely soft, warm and very comfortable to wear. They feature a large bow on the front and will fit premature babies up to approximately 5-6 months old.

Our second style of baby hat features an adorable crochet knit heart on the front. They are made with the same super soft cotton as our bow hats and these stretchy baby hats fit premature babies up to approx. 5 months old.

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