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Newborn Baby Swaddles – How to Swaddle Your Newborn

TotsBabyShop are one of the leading online baby shops for newborn baby swaddles in Ireland, so we know a thing or two about swaddling newborn babies. In this post we will give you a step to step guide on everything you need to know about newborn muslin swaddle blankets and how to properly swaddle your baby safely.

What Is A Baby Swaddle?

Before we explain how you use a swaddle wrap safely it’s important that we define exactly what a baby swaddle is. Unlike a regular baby blanket, a newborn baby swaddle is a lightweight and breathable muslin square in which you wrap your baby to help them feel calm and secure thus improving their sleep (and yours).

How To Swaddle Your Baby?

Swaddling your newborn baby is easier than you think. If you are wondering what is the best muslin swaddle for your baby then look no further than our range of large swaddling wraps. Follow the 4 simple steps below to discover the easiest and most effective swaddling method ever.

 newborn baby swaddling

4 Steps to Safe Swaddling:

  1. Fold your swaddle into a triangle and place your baby in the centre, shoulders just below the fold.
  2. Adjust your baby’s right arm along their left side, slightly bent. Take the right side of the swaddle and pull it securely across your baby’s chest, keeping their right arm under the muslin and tuck the edge of the swaddle under their body. Their left arm is still free.
  3. Fold up the bottom of the swaddle over your baby’s feet and tuck into the top of the swaddle.
  4. Adjust your baby’s left arm along their left side, slightly bent. Take the left side of the swaddle and pull it securely across your baby’s chest, keeping their left arm under the muslin. Tuck the ends into the swaddle and voila, you are done.

Baby swaddling is growing in popularity and you can find some amazing muslin swaddles from;

Sensillo Hooded Bamboo Blanket by BabyLove made with 100% bamboo fibre, which is anti-allergic and thermoregulatory to keep your baby comfortable and cosy.

Sweets Cotton Swaddle Blanket by Jackanory is a gorgeous muslin swaddle in a fun print.

Organic Baby Muslin Wrap by Tots Ireland hypoallergenic and 100% chemical free, perfect for cuddling against your baby’s delicate skin and ideal for babies prone to skin rashes and eczema.

muslin swaddle wraps

Newborn Swaddling Blankets – The Benefits

Baby swaddling is an age old tradition and is fast becoming popular with new mothers. Swaddling reminds your baby of being in the womb, where everything was safe and comfortable. Swaddled babies experience less anxiety and wake up less during the night due to startle reflex (a common cause of wake ups). Swaddling is great for soothing colicky babies and helps them to settle easier, I can attest to this personally when my son was a newborn.

Newborn Swaddle Range for Baby

If you are looking for ideal newborn baby swaddles we invite you to check out our full range of baby muslins. We’ve been developing our range for years and now and have one of the leading newborn baby swaddle ranges available.

When Do You Stop Swaddling?

Experts and parents recommend that it is ideal to swaddle your baby up to about 6 months, although how long you swaddle for is up to you and your baby. Some babies start to reject swaddling from as little as 2 months – when they start fighting the swaddle or continuously take their arms out during the night – that is usually one of the signs to consider stopping. Many experts recommend that you should definitely stop swaddling when your baby learns to roll over onto their stomach.

muslin baby swaddles

Newborn Classes & Workshops

As one of the leading providers of swaddles online we are big proponents of safe swaddling and want you to have the most memorable time possible with your baby during the early months and below are some newborn classes and workshops that could be worth considering. If you’re a first time mum, you need to know that you don’t have to go it alone, we’re all in this together so check out some of these classes that could really help.

The Ultimate Online Breastfeeding Class by The Baby Academy – Avoid swaddling for the first few days until your baby has settled into breastfeeding. Learn to breastfeed with confidence with The Baby Academy and help keep your little one happy and healthy.

Mum & Baby Postnatal Yoga Online Class by Bump Baby & Me – Baby yoga helps to improve your baby’s sleeping pattern and, combined with swaddling, encourages sleeping through the night.

Caring for your Colicky Baby by – Caring for a baby with colic can be an exhausting and extremely stressful experience. Discover how to effectively treat your baby’s colic with gentle motions, swaddling and diet. 

Any Swaddle Questions?

We hope you’ve found this post useful and that you now know everything you need to know about newborn baby swaddles, but if you have any questions please comment below or contact us and we’ll be happy to get back to you.

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